Photo editor Fotoworks XL with new functions for image editing

A good Photo editor for Windows 10 usually has many different functions, in which also effects may not be missing.
Especially for beginners in image editing it can be difficult to find the right Windows 10 photo editor free download for this. Some programs only have very limited functions, and thus cannot really convince the user, while other Photo editor for Windows 10 are so complex that the beginner immediately throws in the towel.

That’s why Fotoworks XL is simple, feature-rich Photo editor Windows 10 that everyone can use. No matter if the user is a complete beginner or already experienced in using photo editing software.
Especially the use of effects should be fast and uncomplicated with Photo editor to keep the time required low. Thus, Fotoworks XL allows you to create a great photo collage with just a few clicks of the mouse, with the program guiding the user through the individual steps. The self-explanatory software allows the inexperienced photographer to correct small mistakes such as overexposure or underexposure, or to adjust the color filter optimally.
Even for the processing of several images, the Windows 10 photo editor offers the batch function in which the most frequent photo errors can be quickly corrected. This saves the user a lot of time and also nerves. With this function one can, for example, insert watermarks without having to tediously call up each individual image.

Special effects are characterized above all by variety. Here Fotoworks XL offers a whole range of great effect variations to optimally enhance the images.
A very popular function is, for example, the copy stamp, with which unwanted objects can be easily retouched out of the photograph. This allows you to create great landscape shots in a few easy steps, without disturbing airplanes in the sky or other unwanted objects just magically disappear.

Windows 10 photo editor free downloadPhoto of Windows 10 photo editor free download

The Photo editor for Windows 10 also has an effect selection of frames, cliparts, characters and symbols as well as masks. Here you will find a pre-installed standard Windows selection, which can easily be extended with downloaded content from the Internet. The use of these effects is very simply structured and equally suitable for every user.
The photo collage function is particularly suitable for individually designed photo calendars or even family photos. The photo collage function is always very popular and can be created quickly and easily with Fotoworks XL.
The expert function is ideal for users who would like to work in a more artistic way. Here you can carry out further processing that is a little more special. One example is the Color-Splash function, which inverts the image to black and white with just a few clicks, leaving only selected areas in color. Also the effect brush provides some optical highlights by simply darkening or brightening some areas of the image.
The copy/paste professional method provides the image editor with new possibilities to integrate selected persons or even objects into different backgrounds. So you can let your little grandson travel through space.
Very useful is the automatic straightening. This tool is especially suitable for photographs taken at an angle, so that the image is displayed optimally again.

All in all, the Windows 10 photo editor Fotoworks XL offers a large variety of effects and functions that allow the user to get started quickly and easily with image editing. The Photo editor Windows 10 offers a comprehensive manual as well as some tutorial videos to explain the functions visually well.
In case of ambiguities, a support team is also available to the user that always tries to answer all questions satisfactorily and to help in case of problems. Thus, the image editor gets a Photo editor for Windows 10 that is not only cheap but also easy to handle and not on its own if a problem occurs. The Windows 10 photo editor is regularly updated free of charge and is therefore always up to date.
This is what makes Fotoworks XL so special, and makes the use of expensive and complicated Photo editor Windows 10 unnecessary.